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Policies - Reservations and Rentals

Houseboat rentals on Lake Powell are regulated by the National Park Service and are currently managed by the concessionaire, ARAMARK, Wahweap and Bullfrog marinas. Lake Powell is part of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and operates much like a National Park - with the directive to preserve and protect the resource for future generations as well as provide safe access for visitors.

Houseboat Deposits, Fees & Cancellations

Deposits are required to hold your reservation, with total fees due 60 days in advance of your scheduled vacation start date. Your deposit is then held as a Damage Deposit by the marina while you have your rental out on the lake, and is refundable upon return of the craft (in one piece and in the same condition as it left the dock). List of deposits below.

Deposits are partially refundable - all but $100 - up to 60 days prior to arrival.

If you must cancel after paying all fees, you must do it prior to 45 days from scheduled arrival or you will lose the entire rental fee! Please don't let this happen to you - keep an eye on that calendar.

As you probably already know, demand for houseboats exceeds the tightly regulated supply. Due to the excess demand, ARAMARK must be quite strict on late cancellations and changes.

Houseboat Fleet Details

ARAMARK's fleet of over 400 houseboats, as well as another 400+ assorted craft, is the largest single rental fleet in the world. Here, it takes over 1,000 employees to maintain, coordinate and manage the marina operations for the nearly 3 million visitors each year. image
First-time renters of a houseboat, or any other watercraft for the lake, must remember that the region is rugged and largely untamed, and that boats of all types are mechanical, integrated machines that can on occasion break down and require a bit of assistance. We say this not to sway you from what might well be the greatest vacation of your life, but so that you are aware of the realities of renting houseboats and other craft on this or any lake.

However, with that - the houseboats and rental craft on Lake Powell are quite well maintained and follow rigid service standards. ARAMARK and the other local rental companies that Lake Powell Vacations represents have on-call assistance out on the water should you break down and need help. image

Required Houseboat Deposits & Cancellation Fees

60 days or more
45-59 days out
less than 45 days

   Adventure Class

$100 cancel fee
$500 cancel fee
Full Rental Rate

   Navigator Class

$100 cancel fee
$500 cancel fee
Full Rental Rate

   Discovery Class

$100 cancel fee
$500 cancel fee
Full Rental Rate

   Explorer Class

$100 cancel fee
$500 cancel fee
Full Rental Rate

   Voyager Class

   All Luxery Class


$100 cancel fee
$100 cancel fee
$500 cancel fee
$500 cancel fee
Full Rental Rate
Full Rental Rate



Rates for deposits and cancellation dates have changed slightly over the past few seasons. Please review and make plans accordingly. You will not be billed more than you have put down in deposit or fees, but keep in mind that late cancellations can be expensive. All of these fees are subject to National Park Service approval and may change slightly.

Liability Limitation Policy Available
All marinas and boat rental companies offer optional programs that limit your liability for damage to your houseboat or other craft rental craft. We recommend that you consider purchasing these plans at the time of reservation. Rates vary by craft and rental company.


Liability plan rates for Houseboats and Pre-Launced rentals are subject to National Park Service approval and may change slightly.

Equipment failure & other problems
While literally millions of people enjoy Lake Powell every year without a hitch things can happen! Technically the marinas and rental companies around the lake are not responsible for loss of running time due to mechanical failure, weather, late arrivals, illness or accidents. However everyone at Lake Powell wants you to have a great trip and will consider all circumstances. If you do have mechanical problems, please make sure you talk to the marina or rental manager before you leave the area. They are the most empowered to provide compensation or remedy. It is in their best interest to ensure your happiness and repeat business! image
Please let us know immediately, upon your return, if your party ran into any unresolved issues and we will try to work out a solution on your behalf.

If you have any questions
or need clarification on any of the above policies, please call us at 1-800 530-3406.


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