Located in the heart of one of the finest sightseeing, fishing and fun-filled lakes in the country. Lake Powell has many hidden canyons and by-ways for your enjoyment, be it hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking, boating or tours we have it all!

Easy to do, we help you strap down the kayak or paddle board on top of your vehicle for your fun filled day at Lake Powell.

Providing a home base for some of the worlds leading adventure seekers. We cater to youth of all ages. Let Lake Powell Vacations in tandem with Lake Powell Marine supply you with all the equipment necessary to take full advantage of Glen Canyon National Recreation area.

  • 30$ Daily
  • 100$ Weekly
Dry Packs
  • 25$ Daily
  • 30$ Weekly

Paddle Boards
  • 40$ Daily
  • 150$ Weekly
Life Vests
  • 10$ Daily
  • 35$ Weekly
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