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75' Odyssey Class Houseboat


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State Room - Top Deck


The 75 foot Odyssey Class houseboat is one of the finest houseboats available on the lake. This luxury boat features top-notch amenities and features that you'd expect to find on a cruise ship, not a houseboat.

A GPS tracking system and dual-station steering system assists navigation, while amenities such as a pantry, 2 barbeques, and a wine cooler help out in food preparation. True air conditioning/heating and a full washer and dryer further enhance your comfort while onboard. Kids and playful adults alike will enjoy the built-in waterslide.

Year Round

  75' Odyssey

  7-Day Houseboat Rental   $15,000

Your final rental rates are subject to confirmation by the concessionaire. For questions on rates and houseboat availability, please call us toll-free at 1-800 530-3406.

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Odyssey Class Features & Specifications

  • 6 State rooms with queen beds
  • Queen sofa sleeper
  • Marine Radio
  • 13" TV, VCR, DVD in each State room;20" on upper deck and 36" in main salon
  • Water slide
  • Rear deck camera
  • GPS (4” screen)
  • 1 queen dining booth conversion bed
  • 3 queen sized cushions for deck top sleeping (stored on upper deck)
  • 3 3/4 bathrooms
  • Upper deck driving helm (fly bridge) with hot tub and wetbar, mini-fridge
  • Large capacity ice chest
  • Depth Finder
  • 5 stereo systems – inside home system – upper deck car stereo
  • Full size gas stove and dishwasher
  • 25 cubic foot side by side refrigerator/freezer and chest freezer
  • 2 Outdoor gas grills (1 on upper deck)
  • Microwave/ convection
  • Dishes & utensils / Pots & Pans for cooking, Cooking Utensils, Cutting Board, Cork Screw, Cheese Grater, Dining Utensils, hot pads, Ice Pick, Pitcher
  • Central heat and air conditioning
  • Electric inverter system sized to operate the refrigerator, freezer and lights without using the generator
  • Water cooled generator
  • 2 220 HP 4.3 liter MPI with Brovo II Outdrives
  • Remote fuel tank pump to fuel water toys & powerboats
  • Anchors & Line
  • Ash Trays
  • Broom, Dustpan, Garbage Can, Mop/Bucket, Toilet Brush/Bucket
  • Captain's Chair
  • Deck Chairs
  • Dish Drainer & Mat
  • Drinking Water
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Matches
  • Propeller (spare)
  • Life Jackets (# provided = maximum # of adult passengers. Child size life jackets available upon request)

Tips to get the most out of your Odyssey Class houseboat

A large capacity ice chest is also on board and we recommend your group uses it (and any others you might want to bring along) for canned drinks since they take up the most space. This also prevents the frequent opening of the refrigerator and freezer - conserving energy.

Ice Cubes While in the heat of the summer, July and August, you may need to run the generator most of the time to stay cool (it can stay very hot at night during these months), but most of the year the generator can be shut off at night and for a good portion of the day. This conserves fuel and lets everyone enjoy the solitude of the canyons. There is a 12v electrical system for water pump and lights. The refrigerator will
stay cold as long as the doors aren't opened frequently and everything inside is already cold. A good plan is to fully load the refrigerator at the start of the trip and run the generator to cool everything the first day of travel to the beaches. You can speed things up by pre-freezing appropriate items taken from home.

Blocked or cubed ice can be like gold on Lake Powell, even with refrigerators on board. Drinks and the blender (there is one on board!) can eat up a lot of ice and during the hottest days - when the cooler doors are getting a workout, the ice can go fast! A full boat of people traveling from May to October can go through 4 or 5 bags of ice a day. The marinas all sell ice for a fair price and even bundle them in 5-bag lots so they're easier to carry. Dry ice is helpful to keep a couple of coolers loaded with ice intact, but it won't last more than a few days and it means extra coolers filled with just ice. Usually trips of 5 days or more will need to make an "ice run" at least once if not more.
It's all part of the fun!

Water toys are a must for any houseboat vacation. Kayaks and the new water trampolines are available for rent and set the stage for one heck of a good time. Towable toys such as tubes, kneeboards, wakeboards and of course skis are also available and highly

recommended. Especially with a Odyssey, you'll need at least one smaller craft, such as a powerboat, to assist in locating a camp or beach, touring nearby canyons, and general powell-type errands. Rental packages are available with your houseboat.

Fishing equipment is another staple for a trip to the lake. If you're an avid (or wanna-be) fisherman, you'll enjoy hours of entertainment fishing for Smallmouth, Largemouth and Stripers among others. To learn more about fishing at the lake, click here.

Another item that could prove good to have on a Odyssey is a large folding table in case you want to serve meals or set out a spread for a party on the top deck! Remember this craft sports a big generator, so you can get pretty creative with holiday lights (just be careful with power around water!) or similar conveniences that need juice. We always toss in a few extra lounge chairs for sun worshipers. The craft comes with two, but we've seen guests bring as many as 10. Don't worry, there's plenty of room up there!

Safety first! From all of us at Lake Powell Vacations, we encourage all of your crew to learn as much as possible about houseboating safely. Please visit Frequently Asked Houseboat Questions prior to your trip. Lake Powell is a wonderful place, but it is also rugged and remote. With the millions of visitors to the lake each year, it is good to know that there are very few serious injuries. Let's keep it that way by promoting boating safety. To help you, there is also a comprehensive list of important phone numbers and contacts available here. We recommend you print a copy to take with you.

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Protect and enjoy Lake Powell. Please boat safely.


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